Breiner-Sanders Productions is a production company dedicated to supporting films that deal with women's experiences,
women filmmakers, and independent filmmakers of all kinds. 
We value creating a community of like-minded artists and aim to encourage those with a unique voice.

Originally founded in 2013 as BSB Media


Mélisa Breiner-Sanders is a producer, writer and actor living in Astoria, NY. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in Acting at The Theatre School at DePaul University. Recently completed Being Here where Melisa was the lead Actor and Producer. She has signed on to act as lead actor and Producer for the feature film of the same name, shooting Summer 2020. Her feature film Seven Lovers Starring Erin Darke, Fran Kranz, Max von Essen, Peter Mark Kendall and Gia Crovatin is available on Amazon and iTunes and won the Rhode Island International Film Festival Directors Award. Short Films: Believin’ (Associate Producer), Him&Her&Him Producer, Writer, Director). The Third Option (Producer and Actor), Sam & Julia (UPM), Next Time (Producer, Actor). Webseries: Award winning CaucAsian  (Producer, Actor),  Token (UPM)It's A Draw With Natalie Kim (Producer) and producing and developing the web series and complementary documentary My Secret Friend for Think(iT) Film Assembly. Music Video: Ginn Doll's single "Boyfriend for the Night" and Shenandoah and the Night’s single So High, So Low. Mélisa's breadth of industry knowledge has served her in the capacities of Unit Production Manager and Coordinator.


Breiner-Sanders Productions has a clear vision to further develop her dynamic platform to support the ambitious work of this artist-producer, as well as to support the ambitious work of other artists. With the match of the forward-thinking vision for the company and the solid foundation she has created for it, Breiner-Sanders Productions is a company with an important voice and a vital future.

Kitt Lavoie
Artistic Director of The CRY HAVOC Company
New York, NY

For most of my time as a filmmaker, I relied on close friends and acquaintances to get my projects shot. It was more a matter of convenience than practicality, but I made it work for me. My recent comedy webseries, CaucAsian, demanded something a little more structured and official than just a bunch of pals hangin’ around, havin’ a good time makin’ movies. When I approached Mélisa with the scripts for the series, she knew right away that an actual working crew was essential to getting my vision to the screen. She immediately took the reigns on the production, bringing on a seasoned crew, and leading our casting process. In no time we had gone from pre-production to principal photography. What we ended up with was an airtight schedule that not only proved effective in getting the shots we needed, it had the actors in and out of their respective scenes with enough time for me to do some improvising.

As an overall experience working with Breiner-Sanders Productions, I’d have to day it was top notch. Nothing was left to chance, yet nothing stifled my vision for CaucAsian. For me, that’s the true hallmark of professional film production.”

Joseph Patrick Conroy
Director, New York, NY

Melisa's hard work, diligence, attention to detail, and creative storytelling instincts are spot-on, hilarious, and embody what it means to be human in a decidedly fractured culture. The stories she is interested in telling on film are contemporary, hip, and devoid of cliche. It has been my privilege to collaborate with her.

Mark Snyder
Writer. Brooklyn, NY

Melisa was such a dream the day of our shoot. She had pulled together an entire production team, transportation, food, gear, and the rental of a black box theatre where we filmed the music video all within the small budget we agreed upon. She helped the day go by smoothly with a timeline and by anticipating the needs of the day.

Shenandoah Ableman
Lead Singer, Brooklyn, NY