Token: The Series

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Film Festivals: Miami WebFest and LA WebFest

A crew of unconventional actors fight to keep their theater
alive in the downtown scene of NYC.

Plot Outline: Sia (Sarah Ellen Stephens), and an ensemble of disparate and compelling actors guide you through the world of the Tick Repertory Theater: a new works downtown theater company specifically crafted to bite your attention and get under your skin. When news of the theater's impending shut down materialize, the group gets a taste of what it means to be diverse actors in the industry outside of their home. They must dig deep and fight for freedom from stereotypical boundaries, and keep their beloved theater company afloat.

Writer and Creator Sarah Ellen Stephens
Director Jason Bruffy and Vandit Bhatt
UPM Melisa Breiner-Sanders


Episode 1
password: TOKEN

Episode 2
Password: TOKEN

Episode 3 (unfinished)
Password: TOKEN

Episode 4 (unfinished)
Password: TOKEN