You have a vision but don't know where to begin? We can help. From budgeting, crew building, location scouting and scheduling; Breiner-Sanders Productions has the knowledge and resources to get your production off the ground.

Crew Building

Breiner-Sanders Productions has established relationships with some of the best freelancers in the business in NYC and Chicago. Contact us  and we can help you find the right people.


From first day to last, we bring the most experienced and passionate professionals to each project. Wether a run-and-gun or full supported feature, we can tailor to any operation.

Creating Original Content including Features, Shorts, Music Videos, New Media, Live-Events and more

If you can dream it, we can make it a reality.



Now that you've wrapped, the work has just begun. Most independent projects languish in post. We has the tools to keep your energy and momentum focused to the final deliverable product.

Equipment Rental

Looking for gear? We have an inventory of equipment ideal for the quick run-&-gun operation. Contact us for inventory list, packages and rental rates.


Breiner-Sanders Productions has a clear vision to further develop her dynamic platform to support the ambitious work of this artist-producer, as well as to support the ambitious work of other artists. With the match of the forward-thinking vision for the company and the solid foundation she has created for it, Breiner-Sanders Productions is a company with an important voice and a vital future.

Kitt Lavoie

Artistic Director of The CRY HAVOC Company

New York, NY

Melisa's hard work, diligence, attention to detail, and creative storytelling instincts are spot-on, hilarious, and embody what it means to be human in a decidedly fractured culture. The stories she is interested in telling on film are contemporary, hip, and devoid of cliche. It has been my privilege to collaborate with her.

Mark Snyder

Writer. Brooklyn, NY

For most of my time as a filmmaker, I relied on close friends and acquaintances to get my projects shot. It was more a matter of convenience than practicality, but I made it work for me. My recent comedy webseries, CaucAsian, demanded something a little more structured and official than just a bunch of pals hangin’ around, havin’ a good time makin’ movies. When I approached Mélisa with the scripts for the series, she knew right away that an actual working crew was essential to getting my vision to the screen. She immediately took the reigns on the production, bringing on a seasoned crew, and leading our casting process. In no time we had gone from pre-production to principal photography. What we ended up with was an airtight schedule that not only proved effective in getting the shots we needed, it had the actors in and out of their respective scenes with enough time for me to do some improvising. 

As an overall experience working with Breiner-Sanders Productions, I’d have to day it was top notch. Nothing was left to chance, yet nothing stifled my vision for CaucAsian. For me, that’s the true hallmark of professional film production.”

Joseph Patrick Conroy

Director, New York, NY