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"My Secret Friend" is the result of a collaboration between Producers Mélisa Breiner-Sanders, Elliot Joseph and Amanda Long. We gathered 10 actors in a room for a week with theatrical director Francesco Campari in order to develop their characters base on randomly assigned them conditions (alcoholism, psoriasis, ADD, etc). Also in the room were 3 writers who took what they saw in the character creation week and wrote 5 episodes.

After only one week of pre-production, we shot 5 episodes in 5 days under the leadership of Elin Gronblom (Director), Jon Fordham (DP), John Michael Crotty (AD) and Mélisa (Production Manager). Elin went on to edit the piece with sound editing by Chris Comfort (ep 1) and Sean Russell (ep 2-5) and color correction by Jon Fordham.

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Simultaneous, we also shot a documentary of the process of creating the series and that is currently in post-production.



Some Examples of Character Creation Videos

Season 1, Episodes 1-5

Episode 1 - Catelyn and Mark

Episode 2 - Juliet and Tim 

Episode 3   - Jason and Angela

Episode 4 - Michael and Melissa 


Episode 5 - Brian and Daisy