Shennandoah and the Night, So Low, So High

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Testimonial from Shenandoah Ableman, Lead Singer

Melisa was such a dream the day of our shoot. She had pulled together an entire production team, transportation, food, gear, and the rental of a black box theatre where we filmed the music video all within the small budget we agreed upon. She helped the day go by smoothly with a timeline and by anticipating the needs of the day.

The music video for Shenandoah and the Night's "So Low, So High" was the first project that BS&B worked on in together. Mélisa Produced and Jason AD'd alongside some of our favorites: Director Elin Gronblom, DP Jon Fordham, G&E Jason K and crew Ken Futch, Santino Valdez and Maudee Genao.

Also, although its fully funded, you can check out their Kickstarter campaign

Ginn Doll feat. Mikealis, Boyfriend For The Night