Seven Lovers - Feature Film

Crazy Lake Pictures in association with Breiner-Sanders Productions.
Writer and Director - Keith Boynton
Producer and UPM - Melisa Breiner-Sanders

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Also available on Comcast, Vudu, Vubiquity

R / 1 hr 48 min
Plot Summary:
Laura is a young librarian/nightclub singer trying to navigate the endless complexities of love, lust, and dating in contemporary New York. In a fractured kaleidoscope of genre and emotion, we watch seven of Laura’s romances play out in a series of interwoven vignettes – with each of her lovers laying claim to a very specific cinematic style. From glamorous black-and-white musical to gritty documentary, from crude animation to rapid-cutting montage, Laura's lovers take her on a journey of joy, pain, and self-discovery – and it all builds up to one defining choice.
Cast: Erin Darke, Fran Kranz, Max von Essen, Peter mark kendall, Gia Crovatin

Distributor: Premiere Digital Services
Genres: Drama/Romance

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Him & Her & Him


Writer, Producer, and co-director: Melisa Breiner-Sanders
Director of Photography: Jon Fordham
Cast: Nikhaar Kishnani, Greg Wenz, and Clint Campbell

Premiere Soho International Film Festival
Official Selection of Chain Film Festival, TBUFF, and Great Lakes Film Festival

Developed with The CRY HAVOC Company and DePaul University

In a rush of memories, Hayden is forced to relive the fragmented twists and turns of her relationship as the audience dicevers why her lover, Morgan, leaves her and ultimately, why Hayden makes her final decision. It is a journey through lies, deceptions and the way we percieve and remember memories.

The Third Option - A Short Film

Writer and Director: Jason Bruffy

Producer: Melisa Breiner-Sanders

Director of Photography: Jon Fordham

Cast: Michelle Beck, Melisa Breiner-Sanders and Andy Lucien

Next Time - A Short Film

Producer: Mélisa Breiner-Sanders

Director: Jason Bruffy

Director of Photography: Jon Fordham

Writers: Cavan Hallman and Jason Krawcyzk

Composer: Sam Fougere

Crew: Niki Armato, Katie Curran, Jason Krawcyzk, Ken Futch, Crystal Arnette


Cast: Mélisa Breiner-Sanders, Cavan Hallman, Crystal Arnette, Ken Futch, Jenny Kirlin and Kerry Flanagan



A married couple eat a lot of orange chicken and deal with the wife's mysterious reappearancee after an unexplainable 3 year absence


Made as part for the 48-Hour Film Project in New York, we had only 48 hours to write, shoot and edit this short film in the required genre Fantasy and with the required elements: character Cat Dean - Ad Executive, a Trophy and the line "When do you expect her?"




Sam & Julia - Short Film

Writer, Director and staring Michelle Beck and Randy Harrison

Director of Photography Jason Bruffy

Original Music Ian Scott McGregor and Randy Harrison

Crew - Melisa Breiner-Sanders and Niki Armato