Creator and Director Joseph Conroy
Producer Melisa Breiner-Sanders
Cast: Melisa Breiner-Sanders, Josh Levine, Kana Conroy

Winner, Urban Mediamaker Film Festival 2013

CaucAsian tells the story of an oblivious white couple living in NYC who, by a freak occurrence of nature, deliver an Asian-looking infant. Not adoption, not infidelity, just an Asian-looking baby. Instead of adapting the baby to their culture, they misguidedly decide it would be best to “Asianize” her. Thus begins their odyssey of hilarity. They travel from Chinatown to Little Manila, and from Bryant Park to the West Village on a quest to discover the “ideal” Asian culture. In the style of Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office, CaucAsian looks to make light of common ignorance and misconceptions that Americans can have to eastern cultures.