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CaucAsian tells the story of a white couple living in NYC who, by a freak occurrence of nature, deliver an Asian-looking infant. Not adoption, not infidelity, just an Asian-looking baby. Instead of adapting the baby to their culture, they decide it would be best to “Asianize” her. Thus begins their odyssey of hilarity. They travel from Chinatown to Little Manila, and from Bryant Park to the West Village on a quest to discover the “ideal” Asian culture.

In the style of Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office, CaucAsian looks to make light of common ignorance and misconceptions that Americans can have to eastern cultures.    

Winner of Best Web Series and Official Selection of the 2013 Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Atlanta, GA October 10-13.

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Testimonial from Director and Writer Joseph Patrick Conroy

"When I approached Mélisa with the scripts for the series, she knew right away that an actual working crew was essential to getting my vision to the screen. She immediately took the reigns on the production, bringing on a seasoned crew, and leading our casting process. In no time we had gone from pre-production to principal photography. What we ended up with was an airtight schedule that not only proved effective in getting the shots we needed, it had the actors in and out of their respective scenes with enough time for me to do some improvising.

Jason was integral as my DP throughout the shoot. We worked closely in choosing the proper shots for each scene and his creative troubleshooting was spot on whenever we hit a technical snag. Once we wrapped production, Jason began editing right away. The process was seamless thanks to his skills in the cutting room. As an overall experience working with BS&B Media, I’d have to day it was top notch. Nothing was left to chance, yet nothing stifled my vision for CaucAsian. For me, that’s the true hallmark of professional film production.”

Filmed on location in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.
Produced by Mélisa Breiner-Sanders and BS&B Media
DP and Editor - Jason Bruffy
Crew - Kenny Futch, Santino Valdez, Taneisha Duggan, and more
Starring Mélisa Breiner-Sanders and Joshua Levine

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6